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Moorcroft Ginger Jar - PoinsettiaGinger Jars originated in china, they are porcelain jars with a wide mouth, a domed lid and a bulging, spherical body.  These jars were used for ginger but they were also often used in a way that we would use canisters today. They were used for  salt, spices and oils.  In the late 19 century ginger jars became a popular product for export from china.
Moorcroft ginger jars come in all manor of sizes and many of the moorcroft patterns are used to decorate them.


Moorcroft Ginger Jar - Butterfield


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Moorcroft, in the Magnolia Flower large Ginger jar signed,
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Large Antique William Moorcroft Flambé Ginger Jar Vase Dated 1939
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Moorcroft Ginger Jar 4x6 1940s
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MOORCROFT Circus Spangles Fuschia 401/5 Ginger Jar
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Antique Moorcroft Ginger Jar Hibiscus Flower Original Labels
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Moorcroft Hartgring Ginger Jar Designed By Emma Bossons
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